Certified beauty trainings

cosmetic treatments & aesthetic medicine

Increase your qualifications with the supervision of experienced professionals. Gain knowledge and practical skills which will help you broaden your service portfolio. Go for specialist in-house trainings and speed up your career and business development!

Become the best beauty specialist in your area!

Beauty market is undergoing a dynamic growth. In order to retain your current customers and win new ones you need to keep up with the popular treatments. Gain new qualifications, broaden your offer and increase your income!

These trainings are a perfect solution for you if...

You are considering breaking into the beauty industry and are looking for a place to start your education.

You already have some experience and want to increase your qualifications.

You work as a beautician, linergist or cosmetologist and want to expand your services.

You are looking for a patient instructor and value individual approach.

You want to gain theoretical knowledge and master practical skills.

Anna Kwiatkowska

CEO in the Uniqderm Beauty & Aesthetics saloon, experienced trainer and practitioner of aesthetic medicine.

I gained my knowledge and experience through dozens of trainings with the best experts of cosmetology from all over the world.

I am a pedagogue by education, thanks to which I can select training methods effectively to suit my students’ needs – I put a lot of emphasis on practicality and post-training support.

Join the crowd of my satisfied customers!

Why is it worth learning with UNIQderm?


Some pieces of training are concluded with a certificate accredited by ABT enabling you to take up legal jobs in the UK.

Qualified staff

You are under the supervision of a patient and conscientious instructor with years of experience and education in teaching.

Post-training support

You will receive comprehensive manuals and scripts to complement the course. You can also count on my full support after you complete the training.

Practice on models

You will master each skill through practical exercises on live models.

Small training groups

Courses are conducted in small, usually two-person groups, thanks to which I devote plenty of time to each individual student.

Professional equipment

We work on specialist, approved products of highest quality - stress-free learning and noticeable effects of your work in a short time.

Up-to-date knowledge

I will share with you the knowledge up-to-date with the newest discoveries of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, as well as current trends among customers.

Our certified beauty training offer

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